Tuesday, January 1, 2019

Change is good...

One year ago yesterday, I officially left my previous Direct Sales Company. At the time I was sad. I was hurt, and yes, even a little bit bitter to have been forced to make a decision I didn’t agree with.

Today, I am thankful.

In the past year, I did things I was never able to accomplish with my other company: 
• I grew my team, larger, deeper and wider than I ever did before. My team is currently in 17 states!
• I’ve earned more money on both a regular basis and through one-time bonuses that have helped my family in many ways.
• I’ve met more people than I could have imagined, while sharing the Chalk Love near and far.
• I earned the Inaugural Incentive Trip this year, which in 8 years with my other company, I never could quite do.
• And as of Sunday, I met the minimum qualifications for the next trip… Just have to see if I am in the Top 60 in the Company.  Fingers crossed!

2018 was an AMAZING year, and this continues to be an AMAZING journey, and one I wouldn’t give up for anything.

I have new goals for 2019.  
I will continue to learn and grow.
I will expand my comfort zone.
I will continue to share the Chalk Love.
I'm sure I will have some challenges along the way, but I can't stop and I won't stop until I reach the top.

Bring on 2019!

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