What's the Designer Debut?

At Chalk Couture, we know a strong start builds a healthy, long-term business, and we want that for you! Start strong and get rewarded for building your Chalk Couture business and selling the products you have fallen in love with. There is real power in our Designer Debút Program! It is designed to help you achieve exciting rewards during your first 90+ days with Chalk Couture.

How does the Designer Debút work?
Each phase of our Designer Debút Program encourages you to reach a specified Personal Volume (PV)* and rewards you with Designer Dollars (DD)**, or product credit.

As you complete each phase of the program in the required time-frame, you can earn $240 in DD, PLUS the bonus reward of $240. This will double your original reward for a total of $480 in products! That is a lot of "fun" money to spend on what you want!

Want to complete just one of the phases? No problem—earn the reward for that specific phase. Or, want to remit the entire $2,400 PV by the final deadline, but without worrying about the individual  deadlines? You’ll earn the $240 bonus in Designer Dollars (DD).


What's it all mean?

*PV: Personal Volume. This is used to calculate quarterly activity and monthly qualifications, as well as to maintain your Chalk Couture title as you rank advance. PV is typically determined by 60% of retail (USD), regardless of the source (wholesale or online).

**DD: Designer Dollars. Product credit redeemable only with Chalk Couture. Non-transferrable, may expire, issued as a discount through our back office shopping experience.

FAQ's of the Designer Debut:
  • How long is each phase of the Designer Debút Program?
The 2nd and 3rd phases are each a full calendar month in length. Phase 1 is a little longer so that you have time to get your Starter Kit and use your 50% off retail coupon to purchase the products you need to get your business started. Phase 1 begins the day you enroll and then runs through your enrollment month PLUS the next full calendar month following your enrollment month.
  • What if I enroll on April 1, what are my Designer Debút dates?
If you become a Chalk Couture Designer on April 1, your first phase can be completed during both April and May. Phase 2 begins and must be completed during the month of June. Phase 3 begins and must be completed in the month of July.
  • What if my enrollment date is November 18, what are my Designer Debút dates?
If you enroll on November 18, your first phase can be completed during the rest of November and all of December. Your Phase 2 month begins and must be completed in January and your Phase 3 month begins and must be completed in February.
  • What if I complete Phase 1 but not Phase 2 nor Phase 3? Do I still get a reward?
Yes! If you only complete Phase 1 in the time allotted, you will receive the Phase 1 reward of $60 in Designer Dollars. However, you will not receive the rewards for phases 2, 3, nor the Bonus Reward.
  • What if I miss the target and don’t reach one of the phases in the allotted time, but I still reach the grand total of $2400 in personal volume before the end of phase 3. Will I still receive a reward?
You will receive the rewards for the phase(s) you completed in their allotted times, but you will not receive a reward for the phase(s) you missed. However, if you still reach 2400 PV before the completion of your allotted time for the Designer Debút Program, you WILL receive the Bonus Reward of $240 DD.
  • How much in Designer Dollars can I receive by completing the Designer Debút Program?
If you complete each phase in the allotted time, you can receive $240 Designer Dollars PLUS an additional $240 DD for the Bonus Reward—a total of $480 DD in your choice of products!
  • What can I do with my Designer Dollars?
Designer Dollars can be used as a product credit, to purchase additional products from Chalk Couture! You may use this product credit for Hostess Rewards, Team incentives, Expo prizes, personal supplies, etc. The possibilities are endless! (shipping and handling are not included)
  • When will Designer Dollars be issued?
Your Designer Dollars will be issued as part of the commission payment in the month following the completion of each phase.
The Bonus Reward, if achieved, will be issued as part of the commission payment process in the month following the completion of the entire program.
  • How are Designer Dollars awarded?
You will see them in your back office. They are non-transferable, and do expire.
  • What if there are 31 days in a month, do I have all 31 days to reach the qualifying Personal Volume?
Yes! We work in calendar months to make it easy to remember when the phases start and end. That means if a month has 31 days, you have 31 days to submit orders to reach your qualifying PV. Likewise, if it is February, you may only have 28 days to submit orders to help you qualify during that month.
  • Why is Phase 1 so much longer than the other two phases?
We have extended the time for Phase 1 slightly so you have time to receive your Starter Kit and purchase additional business supplies with your 50% off discount. This gives you time to get the products you need on-hand so you can get your business started.
  • Does the purchase I make with the 50% off qualify for Personal Volume and count toward my Phase PV totals?
Yes! You will receive PV for the purchase you make with your 50% off  and it counts toward your Phase PV totals (in whichever Phase you use it). However, since you are using a discount, the PV will be reduced.
  • Does the purchase of the Starter Kit qualify for Personal Volume and count toward my Phase 1 PV totals?
No. The Starter Kit does not garner Personal Volume totals for your business and therefore does not count toward the PV totals for Phase 1.
  • How do I begin or enroll in this program?
No enrollment is needed. Simply remit the correct amount of PV in sales for each phase you complete and we will automatically issue you the award.

Easy, Peezy.  Don't forget your squeegee!  😉

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