Thursday, March 15, 2018

And the winner is...

Well, Maria and I had a fantastic trip to Salt Lake City, with one exception... a deer who decided to end his life by running into the side of her car.  😡

The car obtained some dents, but it was still drive-able.  We were fine.  An Incident Report was filed with  Wyoming Highway Patrol, and a claim was filed with Maria's insurance company.  We made it to Salt Lake City in plenty of time and came home refreshed and rejuvenated with SO MANY ideas for our Chalk Couture businesses.

During the Couture Tour, we learned some useful business information, we made an adorable Create and Take using a not yet released transfer that will be coming out in May and made new Designer friends.  It was GREAT!

I entered my finished wreath into the Designer Contest.  There were 15 entries in all.  Unfortunately, I did not win, but Sage Roberts who did, TOTALLY deserved it!  This is the 24" x 36" board she created and it is ABSOLUTELY STUNNING!

I love events like the Couture Tour and Convention, and I always make them a priority to attend.  They are incredibly inspirational and meaningful.  I come home with new ideas, tips, tricks and techniques and a kick in the butt to keep on keepin' on.
As out new transfer says, "Don't quit your Daydream.  Everything is possible."

Until next time, and more traveling adventures,
The Traveling Crafter (back in my own bed in Wyoming)

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