Hostess Club

It's Here!

You asked for it... I brought it!  A Hostess Club just for YOU!

For those who are unfamiliar with how these types of clubs work, here are the details:
  • Get a group of friends together who like to Chalk it Up.
  • Each person enrolled in the Hostess Club makes a $50 per month purchase on the Chalk Couture items of THEIR choice!
  • Each club has either 4 or 6 members to keep things fair among all Club Members
  • The Hostess of the Month will rotate among club members (3 times per year for 4 member clubs, and 2 times per year for 6 member clubs)
  • The Hostess of the Month will earn the hostess rewards based off Club Member retail purchases (A minimum of $20 in FREE product AND 1- 40% off item, regardless of amount of club orders -- This is a Special incentive JUST FOR my Club Members.)
  • Club Members make a commitment to participate on a monthly basis throughout the life of the Club (4 or 6 months)
  • If unable to attend in person, Club Members still place their order to maintain their Active Club status and maintain their position in the hostess rotation
  • All Club purchases are due when the Club gets together to ensure orders are placed together for discounted shipping -- MORE SAVINGS FOR YOU!
  • If unable to maintain your club commitment, the Club Member must find a replacement to fill their spot, in fairness to other Club Members
  • Club Members get together on a monthly basis, at a designated time/place to create their own projects, share inspiration, and of course earn the rewards!
  • There will be BONUS club rewards for ALL Club Members throughout the life of the Club

If you and/or your friends would like to be a part of a Hostess Clubcontact meNear or far, it doesn't matter where you are!  We can put together a Club just for YOU!

Have additional questions?  Let me knowI am happy to help in any way I can.

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